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It’s estimated 20% of the stuff we put on our fridge goes spoiled to the trash. So I looked up some cool sites to help us managing our priceless food supplies and keep more money in the pocket. You can enter all the ingredients you have at home, and the stuff you don’t have or do not eat, and it gives back a list of recepies (Vegan and vegetarian included!). I’ll never eat the same again!

Supercook wants to make life easier for everyone who cooks at home! Their mission is to enable smarter, quicker decisions about what recipes to make and what ingredients to use using advanced technology and all the recipe content on the web. Created in 2008 and based in New York, Supercook has a distinct focus on solving the practical problems of modern home cooks: how to waste less food, how to use up perishable or seasonal ingredients, how to keep track of everything in the kitchen, how to save time and money.

Recipematcher.com is a recipe website where you enter in all the ingredients you have and you can then search for recipes that use those ingredients (the results are sorted by which recipes require you to buy the least numbers of ingredients). It’s a great idea.

Allrecipes.com is the world’s largest food site created entirely from contributions from talented home cooks. Allrecipes was first introduced in 1997 by five college students who loved cookies and had the early vision the web would be a fantastic place for people to find and share everyday food ideas. Twelve years later, Allrecipes.com is home to an amazing community where millions of recipes, reviews, ratings, photos, and blog postings spanning all types of ingredients, dish types, occasions and cooking styles are viewed and shared daily.

With the BigOven Leftover Wizard you can enter what’s in your fridge, choosing up to 3 ingredients or flavors, and BigOven will tell you what you can make!


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