Mastermind Japan

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Mastermind Japan is a brand of clothing specializing in high end Japanese streetwear. Mastermind Japan shares very little about itself to the world. Keeping a low profile has helped to push the prices by creating mystery behind the label along with allowing the designs to speak for themselves. Mastermind Japan is best described as a punk inspired label, or in other words alternative. While the label hosts mostly men’s apparel there are a few products available for women as well.

Mastermind Japan was founded in 1997 by clothing designer Masaaki Honma. There was a short wait for the first menswear show which was held in Tokyo’s Harajuku region in 1999. In 2001 Mastermind Japan began to expand to foreign markets. The first expansion was to Paris where the initial foreign trade shows were held. Finally in the year 2006 Mastermind Japan decided to work with Goyard, a notorious bag maker, presenting a grand collection.

The specific type of clothes and products Mastermind Japan offer changes from time-to-time. The apparel includes shirts, jackets, shoes, beanies, vests, along with a limited amount of pants. Currently, the label has done best in the markets of Japan and France. One representation commonly found with each product by Mastermind Japan is the skull and crossbones design. That famous brand is always located randomly on the clothes, whether it be the main design of the piece or simply on the tag.


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