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Autum’s Epitaph / Heretic

The Epitaph, started as a humble cruiser but has somehow willed itself into the behemoth you see before you. Each Epitaph features a custom crafted wheel set that allows us to mount a total of 4 low profile tires. The seat, grips and frame inserts, also made from scratch, are fashioned using obsessively selected aged leather. Laser engraved Roman Numerals on the seat identify build number. Limited production run of (12) for a brief time.

The Heretic
, made from a repurposed 18 gauge steel coffin; the Heretic features 4 steel legs, a hand built and sewn seating area crafted from Italian leather, and a laser engraved ID plaque. Excuses for its overwhelming personality not included. Limited production run of (3).

Life, death, rebirth… and retro bikes!


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Biomega Bikes and the U.M. Puma Model

True innovation requires an open mind and a willingness to embrace new ideas – or to create a completely new way of thinking. Biomega Bikes reprezent unshakeable quality, relentless technological innovation, and stunning design, from some of the world’s top designers like Marc Newson and Karim Rashid. Can somebody at Puma or Biomega send me a Urban Mobility Bike so i can review it? Someone? Anyone?

Puma/Biomega/Vexed Urban Mobility bike

The Marc Newson-designed, head-turning Biomega bike

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