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Andres Herren X Reality Caption

ANDRES HERREN is a young photographer based in zurich, switzerland.

A trip to LA during the summer of 2009 was a life changing experience for him on a personal as well as artistic level. The vibrating city with its many different facets captured his interest. The lowrider scene and the LA CULTURA inspired him a lot.


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Autum’s Epitaph / Heretic

The Epitaph, started as a humble cruiser but has somehow willed itself into the behemoth you see before you. Each Epitaph features a custom crafted wheel set that allows us to mount a total of 4 low profile tires. The seat, grips and frame inserts, also made from scratch, are fashioned using obsessively selected aged leather. Laser engraved Roman Numerals on the seat identify build number. Limited production run of (12) for a brief time.

The Heretic
, made from a repurposed 18 gauge steel coffin; the Heretic features 4 steel legs, a hand built and sewn seating area crafted from Italian leather, and a laser engraved ID plaque. Excuses for its overwhelming personality not included. Limited production run of (3).

Life, death, rebirth… and retro bikes!

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Maharishi X ‘Into The Light: Survival 2012

“Maharishi presents a modern special forces inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2011, entitled ‘Into the Light: Survival 2012′. High tech webbing and other interesting production methods have been applied, as well as Swiss Riri zippers and overall a range of high tech Swiss materials, including the densely woven naturally waterproof organic cotton ETA, Schoeller cloth with anti-abrasion Kevlar fibres, alongside more elaborate pieces in several types of 3M reflective material which only turn on when exposed to direct white light; incorporated within construction thread, cloth, print ink and embroidery threads.





Maharishi has long produced all its jersey and sweat in Organic yarn, and this season many of the wovens are also organic. A darkened palette of black and charcoal makes up the main color theme of the collection.

The Fall/Winter 2011 range is certainly a new look for maharishi in comparison to previous collections, while still staying true to many of founding principles.”

Via High Snobiety

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Adam Harvey’s Face Camouflage

Popular Science recently had an article on a study completed by Adam Harvey, a designer and technologist with NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program to develop camouflage to defeat face recognition technologies. Causing distortions around the eyes tended to be most effective. However, while the technique does fool detection software, it certainly doesn’t do much for blending in. It is kind of difficult to walk around with dark patches around the eyes and not stick out like a sore thumb garnering other forms of attention.

Via Soldier Systems

CV Dazzle is camouflage from face detection. It’s based on the original Dazzle camo from WWI and targets automated face detection and recognition systems by altering the contrast and spatial relationship of key facial features. For more info,

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Futura Labs – Camo Bias Patchwork Series

Recently, FUTURA LABORATORIES has released a several items featuring the Camo Bias Patchwork patterned original textile. Now, they are releasing the headwear items that utilize the same original textile. As with the previous releases, there are two versions of the camouflage pattern in this drop. One is a  green-based pattern made up of tiger stripe, woodland and other patterns while the beige-based pattern is made up of desert storm, brown tiger stripe and other wild-themed camouflage patterns. The patterns are spotted on three different hat styles– the work cap, jet cap and a regular hat. 

 All of the styles are currently available only at Futura Labs store unfortunately for Japanese orders only…

Via Freshness

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Desert Night Camouflage

The Desert Night Camouflage pattern is a two-color grid camouflage pattern used by the United States military during the Gulf War. It was designed to aid soldiers in concealment from older generation enemy night vision devices (NVDs). The pattern is now considered obsolete due to the increase in capability of foreign night vision devices.

During the first Gulf War, clothing sets in this pattern were issued to US troops as an over-jacket (with a removable insulating liner) and over-pants, both being designed to be worn over the issued six-color Desert Battle Dress Uniform during nighttime operations.

No night-specific pattern has been created to replace this gear for nighttime use in a desert environment, as advancements in infrared reflectance technology in first the Desert Camouflage Uniform, and finally the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform and Army Combat Uniform have eliminated the need for a separate nighttime overgarment.

During the Gulf War, one scout/sniper section of a Marine Corps battalion conducted a night test comparing the visibility of the desert night camouflage clothing with six-color desert uniforms and winter overwhites. The night camouflage clothing proved to be more visible than both the day desert uniforms and winter overwhites when viewed though an AN/PVS-5 night vision device.

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Sugiura’s Dark Forest X Max Protetch Gallery

Keita Sugiura is a promising young photographer who won the Victor Pincheck Award at Geisai Museum #2 and the bronze prize at Geisai #11 in autumn 2008. His sharp yet delicate works, printed on large-sized mat sheets, carry a distinctive darkness, which cannot be expressed on a glossy C-print.

“Forest” is a series of photographs portraying dusky woods, taken immediately before nightfall. While capturing expressions of a dark, tranquil forest, these works also realistically and mysteriously convey its moisture and thick air clinging onto one stepping into it.

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