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Mastermind Japan


Mastermind Japan is a brand of clothing specializing in high end Japanese streetwear. Mastermind Japan shares very little about itself to the world. Keeping a low profile has helped to push the prices by creating mystery behind the label along with allowing the designs to speak for themselves. Mastermind Japan is best described as a punk inspired label, or in other words alternative. While the label hosts mostly men’s apparel there are a few products available for women as well.

Mastermind Japan was founded in 1997 by clothing designer Masaaki Honma. There was a short wait for the first menswear show which was held in Tokyo’s Harajuku region in 1999. In 2001 Mastermind Japan began to expand to foreign markets. The first expansion was to Paris where the initial foreign trade shows were held. Finally in the year 2006 Mastermind Japan decided to work with Goyard, a notorious bag maker, presenting a grand collection.

The specific type of clothes and products Mastermind Japan offer changes from time-to-time. The apparel includes shirts, jackets, shoes, beanies, vests, along with a limited amount of pants. Currently, the label has done best in the markets of Japan and France. One representation commonly found with each product by Mastermind Japan is the skull and crossbones design. That famous brand is always located randomly on the clothes, whether it be the main design of the piece or simply on the tag.

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Maharishi X ‘Into The Light: Survival 2012

“Maharishi presents a modern special forces inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2011, entitled ‘Into the Light: Survival 2012′. High tech webbing and other interesting production methods have been applied, as well as Swiss Riri zippers and overall a range of high tech Swiss materials, including the densely woven naturally waterproof organic cotton ETA, Schoeller cloth with anti-abrasion Kevlar fibres, alongside more elaborate pieces in several types of 3M reflective material which only turn on when exposed to direct white light; incorporated within construction thread, cloth, print ink and embroidery threads.





Maharishi has long produced all its jersey and sweat in Organic yarn, and this season many of the wovens are also organic. A darkened palette of black and charcoal makes up the main color theme of the collection.

The Fall/Winter 2011 range is certainly a new look for maharishi in comparison to previous collections, while still staying true to many of founding principles.”

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Gerry Mckay X Adidas X Facebook X Twitter

Glasgow based designer Gerry Mckay came up with a good idea: Facebook and Twitter versions of the 40 years old classic Adidas Superstar. I know all you Sneaker Heads must be thinking about how good or bad they look, but it this case i think that’s beyond the point. Will we see this trend-to-be happen in the real world? It makes sense form a cross branding / maketing point of view. Anyway, I really hope Mckay gets a promotion or even some new work proposals. (Hello?? Adidas??) Good ideas make the money go around and this one has the potential to generate more buzz & attention than the actual real Adidas campaign. Good work!

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The Ramp Locals Suck!

I don’t buy Nike shoes and I don’t like them getting into skateboarding, but I have to say Nike is trying really hard to pretend they have roots in skateboarding. This release proves The Ramp Locals still suck and have sold out! On the other hand, it’s an incredible example of branding strategies, managing to absorb sub-cultural references and making it happen in style. Still, it’s great they did not do a Dagger’s model.

Nike SB created a movie themed series of releases that sprang up in 2008 and included hits like Ferris Bueller and classic skateboarding flick Thrashin. The Nike Thrashin SB Dunk High Premium incorporated the movie’s poster that included Corey Webster holding a skateboard with a spider on it. This design is worked into the upper, which features a silver spider web like pattern on top of black panels, Like Corey used on his Spiderweb deck tape. Other references to the movie include vibrant colors like those found on the gradient swoosh. The Thrashin Dunks were first sold in May of 2008 hitting most retailers.

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Mattieux X Prophecy “Clenched Fists, Black Eyes”

A Prophecy X Mattieux colab. This shirt line creation is all about old style animation from the 40’s and 50’s, Skate and Old Tyme Hardcore. Prophecy’s concept deals with Old School Skating, Aggro and Soul Searching: a Zen Haiku paradox.
Shirts & Prints available late December.

The name of this colab is titled after 7 Second‘s song Clenched Fists, Black Eyes from Hardcore masterpiece LP “The Crew”.

“You say you’re scared, we’re not to blame,
‘Cos mindless violence ain’t our claim,
A new breed’s here, we’re gonna stay,
And break down all your shallow ways

‘Cos we are the new kids, We’ve got our heads,
We’ll keep on fighting, ‘Til old ways are dead.
Clenched fists, black eyes! (2x)

We’re aiming for a different goal,
Succeeding where the hippies failed.
But one thing’s sure and you can bet,
We’ll be more than a drugged-out threat!

‘Cos we are the new kids, We’ve got our heads,
We’ll keep on fighting, ‘Til old ways are dead.
Clenched fists, black eyes! (2x)”

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Futura Labs – Camo Bias Patchwork Series

Recently, FUTURA LABORATORIES has released a several items featuring the Camo Bias Patchwork patterned original textile. Now, they are releasing the headwear items that utilize the same original textile. As with the previous releases, there are two versions of the camouflage pattern in this drop. One is a  green-based pattern made up of tiger stripe, woodland and other patterns while the beige-based pattern is made up of desert storm, brown tiger stripe and other wild-themed camouflage patterns. The patterns are spotted on three different hat styles– the work cap, jet cap and a regular hat. 

 All of the styles are currently available only at Futura Labs store unfortunately for Japanese orders only…

Via Freshness

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